We are an ASPYA De Lorenzo salon. We have been very fortunate to have a team that excels in hairdressing and follows current trends in the industry, creates the most modern hairstyles and up styles. Always attending the most prestigious seminars and training venues to learn the latest skills in the industry. We do weddings in salon and on location and will service you with a very high standard. We customise your colouring needs to what you are looking for. We apply treatments to all hair before any colour service is started. Using only the best products that are not tested on animals and are Australian made. De Lorenzo colours are from amazing ingredients that help promote shiny,lustrous hair. Colour eliminating can help you turn dark hair into 4 shades lighter without any compromise on the hair quality. Your hair feels smoother and will be shinny and stronger then when you walked in. You will wish you tried it earlier. Olaplex is also used for colours to help promote healthier hair. Cezanne is the latest smoothing, keratin treatment that takes away all those frizzes. Only product formaldehyde free with Sericin proteins, closest protein to natural hair. Can colour and shampoo same day. We will look after all your needs from Hairdressing or cosmetic tattooing, you will look and feel amazing with make up that will never wash of and hair that will be in the best possible condition than before you came. We look forward to meeting you and helping you look and feel younger.
Eyebrows - Hairstroked,Powder or full - $600.00 Perfection visit at 6 weeks - $80.00 Eyeliner - Top or Bottom - $350.00 Both same day - $700.00 Designer eyeliner Both - $800.00 Perfection visit - $100.00 Thicker top eyeliner - $450.00 with softer bottom - $750.00 Lip liner blend - $ 450.00 Lip blend or powdered Lips - $500.00 Solid full Lips - $800.00 Perfection visit - $80.00 Beauty spot - $100.00 Consultation fee before any booking - $50.00 Taken off on day of treatment. 24hr cancellation must be given or forfeit $50.00.

We customise the price to your individual needs. We weigh all our colours and you only pay for what colour amount you use. If you have thick ,fine or medium hair texture you can pay an amount in your budget but we never compromise on treatments for you hair. We will help you customise your price structure for your needs and get the most out of your current or new hairstyle.

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Lips Soft Shaded
Envy Hair Gallery
Hair simulation eyebrow

All photos are on same day visit, not touched up in any way, shape or form.
Prices are subject to change without notification.